Why Women book Boudoir Photo sessions

Boudoir photo of woman in Vancouver boudoir studio

There are many reasons why women book boudoir photo sessions in my professional boudoir photography studio here in Vancouver BC. Here are some of the most popular reasons women come see us.

1. As a gift to a partner or spouse

At first, this would seem like the number 1 reason women book phone consultations with our studio.

The desire to have a truly one of a kind gift for your partner can never been recreated or bought in the store. Spouses LOVE opening up a boudoir album to find their partners sexy photos inside. And they feel extra loved as they are aware the time and thought that goes into a boudoir session makes it a pretty grand investment! And I must say it is absolutely worth it.. and so are YOU babe!

(You can read some of our testimonials to hear what other Vancouver women have to say about their experience)

While the gift to your loved one is a great reason to book a session, in my phone consultations I find it is a motivator but not the whole picture. What is really behind taking the plunge is that women are ready to see themselves through eyes of their partners. Seeing yourself as your lover would , with all of your glorious angles and expressions that you never really witness, can be incredibly healing and 100% empowering!

2. Celebrating a Milestone Birthday

We love celebrating your big birthday in our Vancouver boudoir studio, and it is the perfect way to approach a new phase in your life! We get a lot of 30, 40 and 50th birthdays, as well as 25 year olds and even 60 year olds!

Boudoir photos of yourself as you journey through womanhood is a beautiful way to document your evolution and preserve the beauty of your age today. You will never be as young as you are right now, which makes right now the perfect time to do a boudoir session.

And in my boudoir studio in Vancouver we customize a luxury experience that indulge all 5 of your senses. Its a beautiful way to celebrate as well as gifting yourself the ultimate gift of self care.

3. Finding yourself after divorce/ break up

There is no doubt going through a divorce or break up can rock your world in a not so great way. The emotional toll of splitting up whether it was mutual, your idea or if you were blind sided can often have you wanting to retreat from the world. But once the dust settles the sun will shine again, and stepping into a new era with a stop in my boudoir photography studio is a great way to reclaim your feminine power! Plus a boudoir photo makes a great Tinder profile pic.. Just sayin!

4. For a major confidence boost

We women are so often taught to shrink ourselves… Our bodies, our voices and our feelings. But what if I told you we were meant to expand! 

Nothing feels better than embracing your body exactly as it is today, with all of its imperfections and saying “this is me, and I am more than enough” and creating beautiful artwork of yourself to back it up!

It’s time to get loud ladies! Let’s shut down who we were told to be and instead be who we are! 
Once you see your beautiful boudoir photos you will realize that you are perfect with your imperfections, your flaws are what make you beautiful and that you are worthy of all your own love an adoration.

I would love to reflect your natural and authentic beauty back to you with an empowering , celebratory and self love boudoir photo session in my Vancouver Boudoir studio!

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