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Boudoir Photography is for ALL of us. From the size 2's to the size 22's, for those of us in our 20's to those of us in our 60's... We are all WORTHY. It's time to embrace our femininity - the very essence of our sexuality. Boudoir photography will do that. 

Whether in lingerie or nude, boudoir captures the natural, raw beauty inside you, just waiting to be set free. It's time to honor your body in all its beauty (including your laugh lines, curves, and all your gorgeous imperfections we call "flaws").

What is boudoir?

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You’ve come in search of boudoir at this moment in your life because, I believe, you need to remember who you really are. You're a WOMAN. Feminine, Bold, Powerful and Sexy.

And if you are here, like so many others before you, you're looking for those glorious moments of strength and femininity, it is because you need to remember who you are:  Beautiful, Courageous and Confident.

Let’s make sure your boudoir session does just that. Nobody can extinguish the fire that lives within you — and now that you've been reminded, it's time to let your fire BURN.

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Before your session, we will discuss YOUR vision for what you want your boudoir photography experience to look like- Your likes and dislikes, what you love about your body and what your insecurities are, so I will be mindful and pose you in ways that maximize the good stuff and minimize anything you prefer to cover.

We also set up a video chat to go over wardrobe and what to bring. If you plan to buy something new, we can set up a personalize shopping experience at my favourite lingerie boutique. All this ensures you feel confidant walking in, and get the most out of your session.


As soon as you walk in, we GLAM you up in hair and makeup. You will not only look like a super model, you will feel like one too! And then we shoot! 


After you leave, I spend the next week editing every one of your photos as if they will be hanging on your walls as works of art. Because your body IS ART baby! Your luxury portraits deserve all my time and attention, making sure each and every one is perfect.


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I guide you through a sequence of poses, and I show you what to do with your entire you body from head to toe. So even if you're nervous, the session flows effortlessly.

Before long, you will really start to feel the power of your femininity. And girl, that's when the magic happens! This is the empowering feeling that comes with hiring Vancouver's best boudoir photography studio.


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1- 2 weeks after your session we set your viewing appointment and this is where you make all of your purchasing decisions. I have small packages that include only a handful of photos, to large packages that include ALL of your photos plus digitals, luxury albums, wall art and more. And if your photos are a gift to someone special, I have special gift options too.


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Do you like what you see? This could be you!


Let's book a consultation so I can answer all your questions and we can get to planning your very own boudoir photography experience!

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boudoir benefits

At Tina Shoots, we offer hair and makeup services to make you feel and look stunning all day long. Our goal is to have our clientele look like supermodels during their session with the added benefits of feeling like a million bucks.

glam squad

Whether you are looking to destress, nurture a budding intimacy within your committed relationship, or enhance your self-confidence by feeling sexy and empowered, we make sure you have full privacy. No dramas. No judgment.

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Not only do we grant you access to our growing collection of outfits, but we also provide complimentary wardrobe consultation so that you can always look your best, whether you bring your own outfits or use ours! We also provide exclusive discounts from our partners!

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That sense of EMPOWERMENT, for myself and for all women , is what drives me put my entire heart into every single one of my photo shoots. It thrills me to give women the ability to forget about the everyday roles and labels — to get in touch with the woman that lives inside. The ones that crave the feeling of freedom, no inhibitions.

 I want you to know I have created this space just for you. A place where I will cheer you on and help you embrace who you are as a woman.


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"After 3 kids I'm not so comfortable with my body. Tina made me feel so comfortable that I forgot all about my insecurities... it has literally changed the way I see myself and I encourage you to book!"

"I gotta admit this started out for my Finace & evolved into bringing self confidence into my life. I thought, Holy Shinto, That's me!"

"Tina is amazing at capturing Devine Feminine energy. This was such a fun shoot, it felt so empowering stripping off the layers and embracing my postpartum body."




"Tina you are not only amazing at what you do, but who you are. I couldn't imagine trusting anyone else with my photoshoot. I felt sexy and empowered at the same time. Thank-you it was unforgettable."

"Let me just start by saying wow. I am still scrolling through my pictures in awe of how they turned out. THIS IS ART. Power. Freedom.I am so happy and feel lucky to have been in front of your lens."

"Tina was an absolute gem from the 1st point of contact & all through the process from setting up a payment plan & even me almost backing out because I was so scared. She made me feel so comfortable"




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"Working with Tina for my boudoir shoot was absolutely fabulous. I felt so comfortable and confident with her, and I am SO happy with her product. She is so talented! I also loved getting my hair and make-up professionally done, and I appreciate how Tina coached and guided me throughout the whole process. I felt so validated and supported. Highly recommend booking with her! Thank you Tina!"


"Tina is amazing ! I had a great time shooting with her.
It was my first time having boudoir photos done and she made me feel really comfortable and confident. She was professional but fun and encouraged me the entire way through . Her excitement behind the camera is contagious and makes you come alive. I absolutely LOVE my pictures!!!"


"Tina has mind blowing talent! The photos she take are so unique and she really captures something special. Not only is she an artist she is a beautiful person with such positive energy, she can bring out the best in anyone. Don't hesitate to book with her for something truly special. Love, love, love the photos she took."