Plus-Size Boudoir Session in Vancouver

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to step into a world where every curve is celebrated, where every inch of you is cherished, and where self-love takes the spotlight?

Welcome to Tina Shoots Boudoir. Here, it’s not just about intimate portrait photography — though I have lots of experience in that. (I’ve been photographing plus-size boudoir in Vancouver since 2019.) Every woman who enters my studio leaves with a fresh perspective on their body and a ton of confidence — whether it’s new, renewed, or boosted.

Plus-Size Boudoir in Vancouver: What I find interesting is the little things that make us... us

Look through my lens at this: You, in a space that’s safe, welcoming, and downright empowering. I don’t try to fit you into a mold. The experience isn’t about perfection; it’s about authenticity. We won’t be slapping a filter on your images. Frankly, that’s boring. What I find interesting is the little unique things that make us … us. And I know how to show them to you. If you want subtle modifications to your images after seeing them unedited, I can do that, too. All while making sure you still look like you.

Whether you’ve always owned your curves or are just starting your journey to self-love and acceptance, my studio is the place to explore and express you.


In a world that bombards us with unrealistic and unattainable ideals, it’s high time we start redefining beauty on our own terms. What better way to do that than with specialized photography? I use this transformative tool to capture moments that say, “This is me, and I deeply, truly love and accept myself.”

You’ll absolutely get photos you’re in love with. But that’s only part of what makes this experience special. From the moment you decide to celebrate yourself with a high-end boudoir shoot, you embark on a journey. We’ll choose outfits you feel amazing in, pamper you with the magic of professional makeup and hair, and play with angles, backdrops, and lighting. I customize your session to you so you’re heard and supported — every step of the way.

Plus-Size Boudoir Session in Vancouver: A Plus-Size Model Wearing a Tiara

We help you break free from conventional curvy narratives and show off you in all your beautiful, plus-size glory. Whether you’re bringing Beyonce levels of fierce or looking for something demure, you’re in the right place.


Now, let’s spill the tea on what goes down during your photography session in my plus-size boudoir studio in Vancouver. Hint: It involves you saying yes to the version of yourself that’s on the other side of your comfort zone.


Whether you book via the online form on my website, phone, or email, the process is the same. I’ll call you for a phone consultation, where I go through everything a session with me entails, from hair, makeup, and wardrobe to the time commitment and my pricing packages.

I give you the opportunity to share your vision for the shoot and any trepidation you feel, whether related to the session’s price (we have payment plans for that) or something internal. I get it. As women, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner. For some reason, we believe we’re not worth investing in.

Your time, your energy, you reveling in you … It’s not only valuable; it’s necessary. You’re absolutely worthy of investing time in yourself. (Between you and me, it doesn’t matter if you go with a big or small collection; you’re my queen of the day, and you’ll be treated like one.)

All that’s left is for you to pick your session date!


I invite women to come in exactly as they are. All of you is welcome here.

In saying that, it’s fun to dress up for the day! We have a wardrobe full of cute, flirty, sexy, and even wild pieces designed to suit every body — sizes XS to 5XL.

Feel more comfortable in a flowy satin robe? We’ve got you covered. Want to leave nothing to the imagination? You’ll find the barest essentials in our closet, such as silk sheets, body jewelry, or nothing at all. Prefer to bring your own lingerie? On booking, I send you my extensive wardrobe guide with recommendations of what to bring and a list of my favorite plus-sized spots to shop.

I’ll instruct you to arrive on the day bare-faced, with your hair clean and dry. My team of boudoir-trained and specialized MUAs is the best in Vancouver. Each artist is an expert in bringing out your natural beauty while ensuring you’re camera-ready.

Think of this part of the process as donning the armor of the knight-ess (if that word doesn’t already exist, it should) you’ve had bottled up inside you all this time. Now go out and slay, queen!


I love to say, “Confidence comes from doing bold shit.” And a boudoir photo shoot offers you a rare chance to channel your bravest, fiercest self in one of the most supportive environments you’ll find anywhere.

Plus-Size Boudoir Session in Vancouver: Confidence comes from doing bold shit

Picture a space where your comfort is my priority, and every pose celebrates your individuality. You might be a little bit shy and look away from the camera, and I catch a nuanced gesture that maybe only your partner or best friend knows you do. Perhaps, all of a sudden, you start laughing … a genuine belly laugh. Snap. That’s a photo. And now you understand what you look like joyous.

I’m not just your average plus-size boudoir photographer in Vancouver, standing there clicking buttons. I’m helping you curate moments that reflect your authentic self. Expect pose guidance, endless encouragement, and a ton of positive vibes. This is your time to shine, and I’ll be on hand to capture all of it.


Tina Shoots Boudoir isn’t any regular photography studio; it’s a mindset, a movement, and an invitation to celebrate your unique beauty.

But I don’t stop there. The beautiful thing about a session with me is that it allows you to zoom out and see yourself as whole. Every great painting or piece of art has little flaws — a bump, a dimple, a stretch mark, a scar. That’s what makes it a masterpiece.

Post-session, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves. I offer professional editing, of course, but that doesn’t mean me “creating magic” in Photoshop. We’ll sit down in the cozy lounge of my curvy boudoir studio in Vancouver and go through all the photos right then and there — together. I retouch photos in Photoshop, but only to your specifications. It’s your art, after all.

When it comes to preserving these memories, I offer a range of custom products to display your boudoir photos of a plus-size empress. Think high-resolution digital images, wall art big and small, and handcrafted Italian leather, suede, or velvet heirloom albums (my most popular option).


Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for — the invitation to star in a shoot focused on plus-size boudoir in Vancouver. Why should you step into that silky black robe de chambre?

It’s about the timeless photos you’ll walk away with.

It’s about the transformative experience.

It’s about realizing self-love isn’t just a buzzword and embracing your body in all its glory.

I promise you’ll become more secure in yourself through this photo shoot. The proof that you don’t need to do anything to prepare for this experience or become more beautiful is right in front of you.

Are you ready to own your story and capture your inner lioness in all her glory? Don’t let this sultry thread of self-realization slip through your fingers.

Reach out to me, Tina, today to book your session, and we can start creating timeless and authentic artwork together.