Top 7 Tips to Make Your First Boudoir Shoot Amazing

first boudoir photoshoot

So you decided to take the plunge and book a fun and empowering boudoir session!

Chances are that you’re a little nervous. The way I see it, nervous energy is a good thing! It is a sign that you are stepping out of your comfort zone and pretty amazing things can happen on the other side of that!

While you will likely walk in, after your shoot, you will feel Beyonce levels of confidence and some major appreciation for yourself!

Here are some tips to keep in mind to get the most out of your first boudoir photoshoot, whether you book my boudoir studio in Vancouver, BC or somewhere else.

It’s Normal to Be Nervous

It is normal to have nerves before your first boudoir photoshoot ( and even your second or third). Almost every client has that nervous energy before they walk in – it’s a new experience and you’re about to get nekky (or almost so) in front of a stranger. That can be scary AF!

One thing I highly recommend is to book a call before your session with your boudoir photographer. A professional boudoir photographer will want to chat with you to answer all your questions, let you know what to expect and put you at ease.

By the time you walk into the studio you should know you are in good hands so you can accept that your nerves are just part of the process. Take some deep breaths and remind yourself why you booked your boudoir session to begin with.

You May want to Stretch your Body

Boudoir is all about you embracing and feeling your body. You can get a head start and boost your comfort level by doing a bit of stretching in the weeks before your session. Maybe even join a yoga or dance class! Those cat/cow poses and downward dogs will help loosen up your back muscles for all the arching you will be doing. 

Now if you aren’t very flexible or have any mobility limitations, your professional boudoir photographer should be able to accommodate them by selecting different poses and providing pillows, rugs and other props for support. 

In my boudoir studio in Vancouver, BC I have had women with knee issues, fused spines, sciatic issues and more which limited their flexibility and we were able to accommodate each one. The secret is to find a professional boudoir photographer who has worked with hundreds of women with all levels of mobility so they know how to accommodate you.

Your boudoir photoshoot is the ultimate act of self care and everyone deserves that, regardless if you can touch their toes or not 🙂

Wardrobe is Important but Not the Most Important Thing about your Boudoir Shoot

With your luxury boudoir photoshoot, you may want to go shopping or spend a lot of time planning what you’ll wear (or not wear) in your photos. The process of boudoir outfit planning can be really fun and exciting for some, and really stressful for others! 

Ultimately, what you’re wearing matters but it is not the most important part of the photoshoot. You are the star of the show, babe. The wardrobe is there to give some variety and allow you to express your unique style and nothing else. 

In my boudoir studio in Vancouver, I offer a fully stocked client closet with sizes XS to 5XL so if you just want to show up and have us style you, we are happy to do so! 

At the end of the day, you want boudoir outfits that fit well (avoid bra straps that dig or thongs that are too tight) to ensure you are feeling comfortable. And don’t turn down your favourite non lingerie items! A men’s dress shirt, a cut off t-shirt or a pair of jeans can also look amazing in your boudoir photos. No matter what you want to wear, a professional boudoir photographer can make it work! 

You can also just bare it all for the camera or wear just satin sheet – we have lots of sexy sheets to choose from in the boudoir studio!

Get Your Skin Glowing

To have your body shine in your boudoir session, consider exfoliating and layering on the body butter. Lathering in moisturizer every day leading up to your shoot is also a great way to get your skin glowing and indulge in some self care. If you plan to have a facial or any laser or medical grade skin treatments prior to your boudoir session, be sure to do so at least 2 weeks in advance.

Don’t Forget to Eat

Many clients skip breakfast before their boudoir session because they are too nervous to eat or worry that they will bloat. But hangry ain’t a good look.. Lol!

If nerves keep you from eating, even just a whole grain toast with a little butter or a spoon full of your nut butter or a granola bar is easy to digest and will keep you fueled through your boudoir poses. If you’re concerned about bloating, don’t worry babe! With my posing guidance and lighting techniques you won’t see any bloating at all.

Trust Your Photographer

The most important note of all – trust your professional boudoir photographer. Once you’ve chatted on the phone you should feel comfortable enough to trust them to do their job. The right photographer will know how to work with all body types and make you feel at ease. This is a luxury experiece so be ready to be pampered and indulge in your divine feminine magic! In my studio, I know you will look good and I want to make you feel just as good during your shoot.

If you are ready to book your first boudoir photoshoot or your 2nd or third session – give us a call at Vancouver’s top luxury boudoir photography studio!