What to bring to your boudoir session | Boudoir Photo Sessions in Vancouver, BC

Accessories and Props

The right  accessories can elevate your outfit and make you feel like a million bucks! I have  mirrors, silk  linens, pillows, throws, sheer fabrics, rugs, luxury robes , body jewelry and a client closet of lingerie items from sizes xs to 3xL in my Vancouver Boudoir Studio .

But One of the best aspects of boudoir photography is that you can let your imagination run wild and bring your own statement pieces to your boudoir shoot.

Corsets, bustiers, and garter belts are excellent ways to embellish your waist to show off your curves.

Robes: Our luxury Robes are among the best boudoir session props because they drape your curves for coverage, yet can be opened up to expose a leg and cleavage for that touch of sexy. Plus, they are fun to experiment with, whether you want to cover up or bare it all while having them fall to the floor!

Jewelry: Jewelry complements any outfit. I love dainty and delicate jewelry as well as big heavy bangles, pearls and chains. If your boudoir photos are a gift for your husband or wife, I love to get your wedding band with your hand over your breast or above your head while laying in bed. Special items such as  an heirloom necklace also photograph beautifully.

Stockings: In addition to high-heeled shoes, stockings can be used to elongate and accentuate your legs and add depth and layers to your outfit.  Fishnet stockings can give you that  pin-up boudoir look, and printed stockings can lend a playful element to your outfit. If you plan to wear your thigh-highs with a garterbelt and fasteners, consider buying the ones without the stay-up material up top. These are sometimes too thick to fasten properly.  If you do not plan to use a garter belt, then stay-up stockings are perfect.

Hats can add a vibrant yet stylish touch to boudoir photographs. Any hat that suits your personality will look great from vintage hats to cowboy hats to ball caps and wide brimmed sun hats! Bring what you love for 1 of your looks.

Something Personal

If you’re giving your boudoir photos to your partner as a gift, you might want to include something personal to both of you. It could be your partner’s beloved dress shirt, their favourite T-shirt or necklace for example.

Makeup and Hairstyling Items

Professional hair and makeup transformation by Vancouver’s very best artists  are included in my boudoir photo sessions. You may, however, want to add specific lip colour,  and a hair accessory  to highlight your own personal style. If yo are unsure if your items will work, bring them along. Our hair and makeup artists will guide you towards what looks best on camera

Water and Light Snacks

Hair and makeup preparation can take up to an hour and a half, the actual boudoir session lasts up to and hour and a half, and your grand photo reveal lasts another hour and a half. You can get a little famished during this time. We have snacks like nut-free granola bars, roasted almonds and chocolates on hand, but if you have a special diet, please bring snacks along with you.

Some clients fast before the session to give them a flat tummy. This is NOT something we suggest! This can make you feel dizzy and fatigued. You’ll be amazed how physically demanding posing can be!

so REMEMBER TO EAT BREAKFAST and we can touch up any bloating with the magic of photoshop, if you wish!

An Open Mind

Posing in front of the camera for the first time can be intimidating. Along with the tangible objects we mentioned above, bringing an open mind to your boudoir shoot will make you get the most out of your session. As a boudoir photographer, I’m here to cheer you on, photograph your best angles, and make sure you are in love with your photos.

I’ll make sure you’re at ease throughout the process so we can make the most of your session. My goal is that you not only fall in  love with your photos, but with yourself too.

Going into a boudoir photo shoot can be nerve wracking at first. Bring a variety of outfits, shoes, props,  accessories, and other personal things to help you feel powerful. And be sure to check your prep and wardrobe guides for a complete list of what to expect, what outfits work best for different body types and be ready to have a ton of fun!

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