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Are you thinking I’m going to say don’t bring your kids, or sex toys or drugs to your boudoir session? While it’s true all those things are prohibited, there are some other things you may not have thought about that will get in the way of feeling your absolute best for your luxurious boudoir experience here at Tina Shoots Boudoir.

I’ll leave out the outfit ideas for this particular article because we covered that here (insert link).  When you schedule a session with Tina Shoots Boudoir, You’ll get plenty of help choosing and sourcing your perfect boudoir outfits!

So let’s dive in,  to what you should not bring to your boudoir session

1) Clothing That Is Restrictive or Confining: 

Ditch any wardrobe item that doesn’t fit. Nothing feels worse than having your bra strap dig or have your panties cut into your hips or have a thong that sits up too high. Fit is the most important part of the perfect outfit, even more important than style! The same goes for non-lingerie items – be sure that jeans aren’t too snug, shirt buttons aren’t popping  and that you can move and breathe in any outfit you bring. This is also a great time to refresh your lingerie closet with our discount codes to go shopping! 

2) Halloween Costumes:

As cute as playing dress up is, and I totally encourage it if that’s your thing, stay away from cheap, run of the mill Halloween costumes from the Halloween store! These are poorly made and do not offer much support. So if dress up is your cup of tea, I would suggest shopping at places that make higher quality lingerie AND roll play items. One of my favorites is – Based Stories (insert link) – Their pieces are playful, sexy, and photograph beautifully.

3) Your Entourage:

Unless you’ve booked out Epic Girls night or a besties session where everyone is getting the boudoir treatment, Leave your partner, friends, mother, children, and pets at home. While it may sound tempting to share your excitement with others, having an audience will be distracting and take away from the experience. In our Vancouver Boudoir studio, it’s all about YOU.  If others insist on accompanying you, they can hang out while you have your hair and makeup done then hop over to Commercial drive to one of the many coffee shops, the library or the parks, while we work our magic and spoil you from head to toe. We want YOU to  receive our complete attention during your Tina Shoots Boudoir session.

4) Negative Self-Talk:

Remember that you are beautiful exactly as you are.

Your Tina Shoots Boudoir session is a chance to let go of your negative self talk and see yourself and your unique beauty through the eyes of an artist. Take advantage of this opportunity to reconnect with your inner goddess and shush your self-sabotaging thoughts.

Negative self talk I’ve heard before are things like : * “You’ve got your work cut out for you.”

* “I don’t want this part of myself photographed because…” * “I always look terrible in photos” and *”there’s no way i’m going to like any of my images.”

You are in safe hands with our team here at  Tina Shoots Boudoir. We’ll make sure you are over the moon with the outcome of your boudoir session. It is our responsibility to guide you every step of your boudoir journey. All you have to do is show up, trust the process, and enjoy yourself – we’ll take care of the rest!

Tina Shoots Boudoir is an expert boudoir photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, who is committed to empowering women through their boudoir photoshoot experiences. Contact us here to schedule a consultation!

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