What is Boudoir Photography?

You’ve heard the term before, maybe even thought about it yourself – boudoir. What is boudoir? It’s a form of photography that emphasizes the intimacy of the feminine body. Its focus is on highlighting the curves and beauty of the client. Boudoir comes from the French word for the private dressing room, which inspires the setting of this genre of photography. Boudoir photography is all about relishing the private side of your life and embracing your inner and outer beauty.

Boudoir photography dates to the 1940s and has continued to be a popular activity among women to this day. Boudoir photography is known for its playful and provocative nature, sometimes with implied nudity rather than full-on. An expert boudoir photographer knows how to properly approach each individual subject to best capture their body and personality. Anyone can participate in a boudoir session, no matter their background or body shape. It is the perfect form of photography to boost self-esteem and confidence and express yourself.

Boudoir does not have to be an awkward activity, although there are many myths about it being racy and taboo. Of course, there are also a ton of nerves and anxiety that pre-date your shoot. But, that is why your expert boudoir photographer is there – to ensure you feel comfortable and have a great time.

Who Is Boudoir For?

Anyone can and should participate in a boudoir session. It is a mind-opening experience to discover more about yourself, maybe even a side you did not know you had. Boudoir is for you to show naysayers that you are totally worth it. Boudoir is for those that don’t feel beautiful but truly are, for individuals to celebrate their bodies and sexuality, for everyone. You could even be participating in a boudoir shoot just because you want to surprise your significant other with a treat! It does not matter your reason, because boudoir is for and about you at the end of the day.

It is understood that the boudoir and its genre are intimidating. Not often do we choose to flaunt our body in front of a camera wearing little to nothing. It creates nerves and anxiety in even the most seasoned boudoir clients. It is totally normal and natural. But, using that nervous energy can help you generate excitement for your shoot. And within seconds, those feelings of self-consciousness evaporate. With the right photographer there to guide you along and make you feel comfortable, your boudoir session will be fun, engaging and rewarding. As a luxury boudoir photographer, I want you to be having the time of your life while celebrating yourself.

Boudoir is for the girl who needs a sense of empowerment or just wants to build on it. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone, own your sensuality, and embrace your natural, beautiful self. Your trusted boudoir photographer is just there to extenuate your natural beauty. Trust me, it’s all you. There is no photoshop trickery involved. Everyone is beautiful and deserves to celebrate that fact with a boudoir session. 

What Do You Do in Boudoir?

When you finally are on set for your shoot, you’ll have the attire you’ve been thinking about for the past few days or weeks all ready to go. And I’m sure what you wear will make you stunningly hot and sexy for your shoot. Our team of professional hair and makeup stylists will help enhance your natural beauty before stepping foot in front of the camera. And we will ensure you are comfortable and excited from start to finish, so much so that you will quickly forget all those nerves and worries once the shoot begins. Our glam squad will get you all glammed up with the superstar treatment so you feel special no matter what. 

Be prepared to push your boundaries a little and have fun. We want you to work on that confidence girl and unleash your divine inner beauty. This will be a session you will remember and cherish forever, so we want you to enjoy yourself and have fun. And after, you’ll be leaving with your head held high glowing with newfound confidence.


Boudoir photography is a unique genre that encapsulates what it means to be a woman. Through a boudoir session, our clients learn to embrace the woman inside. Feel empowered without any inhibitions. Professional boudoir photography is for you to embrace who you are as a woman and unleash your divine inner beauty.

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