Why You Need a Boudoir Session

You’re probably curious about boudoir photography. You’ve heard about it, maybe read about misconceptions about it, and are wondering if you should try it. Thinking about boudoir also comes with many questions, such as “do I look good enough”, “am I sexy?”, “is it awkward?”.  

While boudoir photography definitely generates a fair share of buzz, sometimes negative, as well as anxiety and nerves, it offers so much positivity beyond myths and excuses. Boudoir is an intimate photoshoot where the focus is solely on you, and there is no generic approach. Each shoot is unique to the individual and you should just jump right in and enjoy a boudoir shoot. 

Here’s why.

1 – Celebrate Your Birthday

Age is just a number, but your beauty will continue to blossom each year. If you have a milestone birthday coming up, a boudoir session is a great way to embrace the confident women you have become over the years. Celebrate the good, the bad, whatever, you name it. Solidifying your accomplishments in life with a boudoir shoot for your milestone birthday is a great way to boost self-esteem, and positivity and create a lasting memory.

2 – Celebrate Your Body

By participating in a boudoir shoot, you grow and enhance your comfort in your own skin. Boudoir imparts you to love every part of your body, every curve, nook, etc. You get to celebrate how beautiful and sexy you are, no matter what public perception might dictate. Rock your body and feel that confidence and esteem rise with each click of the camera. Push off the haters and show how beautiful you are.

3 – Empowering Feminism

Boudoir is all about celebrating your femininity. Let yourself be as you truly are. Embrace your sexuality without feeling forced to be modest. Let your hair down and unleash your divine inner women. All of us women desire to feel sexy and explore that side of us, without having society dictate what is and what isn’t appropriate. Boudoir will let you feel comfortable in your own skin and unleash your inner feminist.

4 – Celebrate Motherhood

Once you become a mom, life changes. You may not give yourself the same time and space as before you had kids. You may even feel like you’ve let yourself go. Becoming and being a mom is exhausting and can create negative feelings of self-doubt and lower self-esteem. 

Thus, it’s important to break out of that funk and boost positive energy towards yourself. A boudoir shoot is a great way to celebrate yourself and feel pampered, glamorous and the centre of all attention. A boudoir photoshoot will reveal that you can still embrace that sexy side when a mom, without the need to feel bad about it. You still got it, and it’s important to celebrate that.

5 – Celebrate Healing

We have all been on a journey in life, some harder than others. Many of us have gone through so much negativity, that the average woman can’t imagine it themselves. Whether it be mental or physical, there are many issues that challenge us with daily struggle and fight. But, when you overcome those difficulties and accept and love yourself again, a boudoir photoshoot is a way to embolden that achievement and give you constant reminders of your success and inspire you to keep on going. You triumphed over life’s many challenges. Celebrate it and have that memory everytime a new challenge requires strength to beat it.

6 – Share with A Partner

Getting your partner the gift of your boudoir photos is sure to spice up your relationship. Present them in a fancy album and they will love this personal, memorable gift. Using a boudoir session as a gift for your partner is as much for you as it is for them.

7 – Take a Breather

If you are a workaholic who leaves little time for yourself, it is time to hit the pause button and step into a boudoir studio. Step out of your everyday work uniform and celebrate yourself. Your boudoir photo shoot will remind you that taking care of yourself is important in order for you to return to work and offer your best self. When in a professional boudoir studio, your worries about pressure, appointments, stress, etc, get left at the door. When in front of the camera, the focus is solely on you and how you want to be seen.

8 – Take Control

Booking a boudoir photo shoot is the ultimate way to take control of your sexuality. It is a way to move on from sexual abuse and trauma, and how hard it can be to get over and constantly fight against it. It is a way to heal and start working on your self-esteem again. Boudoir is a safe space where you can act yourself and feel comfortable expressing your inner sexuality. The boudoir studio is here to reflect your pride, joy, and positivity. 

These are just some of the reasons why you should go ahead and book a professional boudoir photoshoot in Vancouver. Let’s celebrate your divine femininity together, give us a call and celebrate a new beginning.

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