How to Have A Successful Boudoir Session

If you have a boudoir session coming up, you’ll want to be prepared, especially if it’s your first one. The smoothest sessions with the best turnouts often rely on you bringing yourself to the studio. Staying genuine will result in confident, fun images you will look back on and enjoy. You will also be more comfortable and relaxed the day of since you’re not worried about being someone else for the day. So, here are some tips to help ready yourself for your big boudoir session.

Get Ideas

While no boudoir session is the same, and your boudoir photographer will customize the experience to best fit you, there is nothing wrong with browsing the web and getting ideas. Get a feel for what you like and how you see yourself. Ask yourself what outfits, poses, and styles stand out to you and what can you visualize seeing yourself in. You can also look at the various styles of boudoir – luxury, classy, minimalist, or a little bit sexier. As long as you feel comfortable and excited about what ideas you are drawn to, that’s what matters. As above, you do not want to pretend during your boudoir photoshoot. You want to be your best self, and that means just being you.

Pick Outfits You Like

You do not necessarily need to go shopping for your boudoir outfit. Starting with your own wardrobe is the perfect place to find an outfit you’re comfortable in. During your shoot, you want to be comfortable and feel your very best. Pick something that embodies that. Sure, you can be a bit adventurous with your look, but you want an outfit that will embolden your confidence as much as make you feel sexy and beautiful. You can also wear something that is meaningful to you, such as a piece of jewellery from your significant other.

Treat Yourself

When your boudoir photoshoot is close, that’s when you will want to start treating yourself to some beautifying spa days. Freshen up your hair with a haircut appointment, and maybe even style it if you wish. 

You can also enjoy other spa services such as waxing, massages, and, mani-pedis. Your luxury boudoir session is all about you, so pampering yourself in the days beforehand will get you feeling fresh, confident, and full of that energy needed on the day of your shoot.

Another great way to indulge in yourself is to plan a special night for yourself with your significant other the night after your shoot. Leaving your session, you will be full of positive energy and looking amazing, so make the most of it. Celebrate with a date night at that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try, or go somewhere really special. That will help keep the positivity flowing after your boudoir session ends.

The Day Before

The day before your boudoir session is the perfect day to make sure your nails are looking as fresh as possible for your shoot. It’s also a good idea to exfoliate your skin, whether at home or by booking a service at an upscale spa, so you have a fantastic glow in your photos. Make sure you don’t forget to lather on that moisturizer to keep your skin looking soft and gorgeous. 

The day before you should also pack your outfits, shoes, and anything else you are planning to bring to your photoshoot, so you don’t feel rushed the day of. You don’t want to forget anything you deem important.

And of course, relax, rest and enjoy yourself. Do activities that will boost your mood, confidence, and positivity. It is okay if you are nervous and excited about your boudoir session, but you want to make sure you are focusing on yourself with proper self-care. Self-care will give you the right energy needed for a flawless photoshoot.

The Day Of

Don’t forget to eat. We all need to eat to function properly, and you want to be able to get through your day feeling your best self. You can eat lightly throughout the day if you prefer, but make sure you get your nourishment in. Drinking lots of water is also key to staying hydrated and feeling well during the day.

If you wear deodorant, make sure it’s clear, so as not to be visible in your photos. You’ll also want to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes to your shoot, in order to prevent any marks on your skin (which can happen if you’re dressing in tight socks, bras, panties, pants, etc)

And finally, it is ok to relax. Your nerves will be there, it’s expected, but your photographer is there to make sure you are comfortable throughout your boudoir session. Focus on feeling your best and bringing your best. Be true to yourself and do not try to be someone else in your photos. Within minutes, all that unease will disperse and you will be having fun and feeling sexy and be in the moment. Your photographer will capture your best self and unleash your inner divine femininity.

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