Creative Ideas to Implement in Your Boudoir Shoot

No two boudoir sessions are the same. Every woman brings their own unique self to the studio and works with the photographer to personalize the experience. Even with repeat customers, there is always room for taking a different approach. 

Here are some creative and fun ideas you can work into your boudoir session to maximize your enjoyment of the experience.

Go Big

Add extravagant costumes or colours to your look to make your photos say “WOW”. A popular trend is to add bold angel wings to your attire in your photos. They will help unleash your divine beauty and turn up the wow factor of your memories.

Add Some Luxury

Bold satin robes or sheer garments with fluffy sleeves and detailing can fully transform your look from everyday you to a luxurious, bold, beautiful you. Just feeling the luxury attire can boost your mood and enjoyment of your photo shoot to maximize your results.

Cheer on Your Favourite Team

Bring along your favourite team’s jersey or uniform to your boudoir shoot. You can show off your love of sports, and embrace that side of yourself. Plus, if you plan on giving your photos as a gift to your partner who also loves the same team, you will have a super sexy surprise in store for him.

Can Bring in Your Naughty Side

While a boudoir session can already seem riské to many, it really is all about embracing yourself and loving the way you are. However, you can always push your boundaries a little in your shoot and add a bit of spiciness to embrace inner vixens. Add props or attire that makes you feel even sexier for added fun.

Use Water

This idea does not require much effort but can have a much-loved impact on your photos. As water is very sensual, you can use it in many different ways to enhance your photo shoot.

Wear Your Partner’s Clothes

Using your partner’s clothes in your boudoir session can really add some sexiness and spice to your photos if you plan on using them as a gift for that special someone.

As a professional, luxury boudoir studio in Vancouver, we can make your boudoir session a memorable experience that celebrates you. Book your boudoir session today and reconnect with, and embrace every facet of who you are as a woman.

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