What are some common misconceptions about boudoir photography?

Many clients are unsure if a boudoir session is right for them before they take the plunge. A lot of this comes from the various misconceptions out there about boudoir photography. They often say it’s cheesy, awkward, or requires a special occasion. These are the more common beliefs about boudoir photography, but there are many more than that. Below, we explore some of the popular misconceptions surrounding boudoir photography.

It’s Cheesy

While there are some studios that inherently take “cheesy” boudoir photographs, it is not always that way. Many boudoir studios go for that luxury, classic vibe. Boudoir photographers want you to feel and be the best you. With black and white, depth of field, and elegant costume, you can have a boudoir session that’s timeless with memories you will want to cherish and look at the time and again.

Not for All Body Types

Boudoir is for ALL body types and sizes. The purpose of pure boudoir photography is to celebrate you, so you feel your best and unleash your inner beauty. No matter your body size, whether you’re pregnant, or not, you have a reason to feel beautiful. A professional boudoir photographer will properly light, pose and dress to complement your best features. After a session, you will be sure to go “How is that me!?” Boudoir photography helps you accept your body and see it through another lens. Avoid negative self-talk and build confident body-positive feelings about yourself.

It’s Only For Younger Audiences

Women are never too old to feel beautiful, appreciated, and special. Just like you can be any size to participate in a boudoir session, you don’t have to be a 20-something either! Life is beautiful at every stage. With a professional boudoir session, you have the choice of how you’re styled.

You Need A Reason

You may think you need to be celebrating getting engaged, married, or having an anniversary to have a boudoir shoot. But, that is not the case. You do not need an excuse to do something that benefits you! If your partner enjoys the memories of your session, that is just a bonus. A boudoir session is all about you. It helps unleash your divine energy, express your feminine self, embrace your body, and grow confidence. You deserve to feel special and beautiful.

I’m Not Sexy Enough

Boudoir is intimate, private, and all about you. A boudoir photographer’s goal is that you feel comfortable during your session so you can let go and feel great. Your session is about how you view your sexuality. You just need to be you, and your results will leave you more than satisfied.

It’s Not Appropriate

Boudoir is not for you to feel let down by others. It’s about making you feel good about yourself. So what if people close to you don’t approve of boudoir photography? It’s all about making you feel special, confident and beautiful. Taking the time for a boudoir session is about being true to yourself. 

It is Only A One Time Experience

It can be. But, you can also make it a frequent celebration. Come back every so often to celebrate a new milestone or just to feel your best self. Every session can capture something different that’s special for you. Come back when you’re pregnant, or post-baby if you had a maternity boudoir shoot. If you want to, you can make boudoir photography more than a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s all up to you.

There are many more misconceptions about boudoir photography than just this list. But, these highlight some of the more common misconceptions out there. In the end, boudoir photography is all about making you feel beautiful. 

If you’re ready to unleash your inner beauty with a boudoir photographer in Vancouver, our professional team is ready to pamper and celebrate you!

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